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Shout 94.7 FM Birthday Club

Shout 94.7 FM loves to celebrate birthdays. So, we want to help you celebrate your special day with a chance to win a free homemade cake made by “The Cake Man” himself baker Sterling Herrington of Augusta, Georgia.

Every two weeks, Shout will draw from those who have registered for the Shout Birthday Club. To register, complete and submit the form below two weeks prior to your birthday or you may submit information on the WAAW Shout 94.7 FM Facebook page (@waaw.shout).

To know if you are a winner, listen to Shout during “Morning Inspiration” from 6-9AM, Mondays through Fridays. Our administrative staff will also contact the winners.

From your friends here at Shout 94.7 FM, we wish you a Happy Birthday and many more!

DISCLAIMER: Upon submitting this registration form for the Shout 94.7 FM Birthday Club, I acknowledge that my name and birthdate may be broadcasted over the WAAW Shout 94.7 FM airwaves and social media sites.

I understand that if I am a birthday cake winner, it is my responsibility to pick up the cake at the WAAW Shout 94.7 FM studios unless other arrangements are made with the baker.

I further acknowledge that WAAW Shout 94.7 FM management and staff will be held harmless if I have an adverse affect to the birthday cake made by our cake provider.

SHOUT Birthday Club

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